09 December 2010

Life and Death

Another fine OpenQuest product from Newt Newport, with another great cover by Jon Hodgson, is now available!

Here is the description at the d101 website. It is available from Lulu here.

'Geordie Racer' has a brief but helpful review here.

I have the PDF of Life & Death, and the print version is in the mail. Based on a quick skim, it looks very cool -- much more of a 'sandbox' than Newt's earlier OpenQuest adventure setting, The Savage North (which I think is also very good). I'll try to post more thoughts once I have a chance to give Life & Death a proper read (which, sadly, will not be for at least a few weeks, as I presently am overwhelmed with end-of-term grading responsibilities).


  1. Got my print copy a couple of days ago. Newt's really outdone himself this time!!

  2. This Hodgson fellow is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists around these parts...I love those covers.

  3. Aw shucks, thanks for the kind words chaps.

    I'm very fornuate that I made friends with Jon Hodgson during his time at my then FLGS Travelling Man in Leeds, where he was the 'comics specialist'. Years later I contacted him about doing the cover for my game based on the Journey to the West, Monkey (http:/d101games.co.uk/monkey), and he remembered me and a very amiciable and agreeable arrangement was forged from then. He's a very busy boy now (art director for Cubicle 7, regular work from Paizo, working on a Facebook game) but he's done the cover for the next OpenQuest release "Empires Rising"



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