08 June 2012

Frog God Games resurrects Necromancer

Frog God Games -- the folks in charge of publishing and distributing my favourite retro-clone, Swords & Wizardry Complete -- have acquired Necromancer Games.
FROG GOD GAMES announced today that they are acquiring Necromancer Games, the award-winning publishing house known for Necropolis, Rappan Athuk, City of Brass, Tomb of Abysthor, Crucible of Freya, Tome of Horrors, and many other famous titles. The purchase of Necromancer Games considerably increases Frog God Games’ influence in the tabletop gaming industry. Frog God Games will re-animate several of Necromancer Games’ products in the future to provide its customers with revised and expanded products for a variety of tabletop editions.
More info here.

Necromancer Games kept the torch of old school gaming alive during the hey-day of 3e D&D.  They published a lot of cool stuff, including resurrecting the Judges Guild's classic 'Wilderlands' setting.  It's good news that their material will be available again.


  1. Good news!
    Somehow they weren't on my map until it was too late... and so I've been retroactively collecting some of their stuff to mine for ideas.

  2. If some of the products are released in S&W versions, I very likely will pick up a few things from Necro!

    1. To clarify: I already own a lot of great Necromancer stuff, but I'd be tempted to buy even more if it were statted for S&W.


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