30 September 2017

OK, I'm now excited for Blade Runner 2049

When I first learned that a sequel to Blade Runner (my all-time favourite film) was in the works, I was not thrilled. Why mess with a singular work of art?

But after the first trailer was released I began to think that the sequel might not be so bad after all. And now it is receiving almost uniformly positive reviews (like this one). It currently enjoys a 98% 'fresh' rating at Rotten Tomatoes

So now I'm excited to see it! It's a nice feeling...

While you're waiting for the film to be released properly, there are three short 'prequels' available at Youtube to re-familiarize yourself with the world: (a) "Blackout 2022" (an anime short); (b) "2036: Nexus Dawn"; and (c) "2048: Nowhere to Run". As the dates imply, these short films fill in some of the history between 2019 (when the original film, now quite amusingly, takes place) and 2049.


  1. I feel the exact same way. Blade Runner is my personal #1 favorite movie of all time. When I was a boy I remember a local station used to play movies late at night. (Before infomercials destroyed that). It was always a treat when they would play it. (Happened probably once a year.) When Final Cut came out I was beyond excited. One of the few movies that I went to the midnight opening of. It was the chance to seen it on the big screen! When I heard about a sequel I was very defensive. But now, like you seeing the reviews I'm really looking forward to this.

    1. It turned out well Uncle Sam: https://akraticwizardry.blogspot.ca/2017/10/blade-runner-2049-is-very-good.html


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