14 November 2019

Another article on the popularity of D&D

There is an article on the current popularity of Dungeons and Dragons in today's New York Times: "In a Chaotic World, Dungeons & Dragons Is Resurgent."  It's a nice piece, and I'm glad that the game is doing so well these days (including with a wider range of kinds of players than ever before).

I certainly like 5th edition far more than the previous two. In fact, I'm running a 5e D&D game right now. But I just wish that other role-playing games would be mentioned sometimes in these articles! It's a bit frustrating that 'RPGs = D&D' for most journalists.

*sigh* 😞


  1. You can’t really expect much from the New York Times.

  2. Well this was published today. https://www.forbes.com/sites/robwieland/2019/11/14/embrace-the-chaos-of-the-grim-and-perilous-zweihander-rpg/#3547408771d0

    1. Forgetting I had my editor hat on made me cringe a few times.

      At any rate, the fact that Zweihänder of all is covered in the article is not surprising at all, given the publisher's skill (and persistence) in marketing.


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