11 September 2020

Grognardia resurrected

Some readers might recall the blog Grognardia, which played an influential role in the rise of the "Old School Renaissance" over a decade ago, along with publications like Fight On! and Knockspell, as well as "retro-clones" such as OSRIC and Swords & Wizardry. (Out-of-publication editions of D&D and AD&D, of course, were discussed even before the "OSR" became a thing at sites like Dragonsfoot.) 

In 2012 new posts abruptly ceased appearing at Grognardia. After eight years, though, the blog is back, and in a big way (with, among other things, a two-part interview with Jeff Grubb). 

I don't always agree with the views expressed by James Maliszewski but his posts often are interesting to read. I'm glad Grognardia is back. 


  1. I was happy to see it back myself. Telecanter's Receding Rules also started updating again recently, and is as inspirational as always: https://recedingrules.blogspot.com/

  2. I'm another who is happy to see Mr. Maliszewski posting again. I don't feel a need to agree with everything a blogger says in order to get value out of their blog.

  3. He should re-open comments, that was half the fun on Grognardia.

  4. Hope he sticks around and this not just 'just feel like doing it now' type of thing.


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