26 December 2021

Happy Boxing Day

A cheery holiday message from H.P. Lovecraft:

"Glad to hear that you had a pleasant Christmas, & the coming year may prove a fruitful and congenial one for you … All religious or other systems assigning mankind an important place in the universe are obviously primitive myths – no matter how widely & persistently perpetuated. So far as any real evidence goes, the cosmos is simply a perpetual field of interacting streams of force amidst which the galactic universe, the solar system, this tiny earth, the principle of animal life, & the human species are nothing more than momentary accidents."

- HPL (in a letter, 16 January 1935).


Here's hoping that 2022 will be a better one for the accidental human species on this tiny earth! 



  1. Credit: the passage was posted a couple of days ago by "H.P. Lovecraft" on FB.

  2. I just found out yesterday (it's already Monday morning in my time zone) that this year, the 26th was NOT Boxing Day. By royal decree, if the 26th is a Sunday, the following Monday is Boxing Day in the UK and Commonwealth countries. The more you know!

    Anyway, I hope the holidays were good for you and your family! Here's to a good (if ultimately pointless and accidental) new year in 2022!

    1. Thanks for the info! Makes sense that Boxing Day isn't on a Sunday.


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