16 December 2021

Mythic Babylon: number 20 in sales, number 1 in my heart

I’ve mentioned Mythic Babylon before here. It’s a great book: impressively researched yet not overwhelming (or dryly “academic”), and full of game-usable content (for the Mythras system). The setting is flavourful and exotic: it’s somewhat alien to most players, yet not so alien as to be incomprehensible (most players probably know who Gilgamesh and Hammurabi were – the setting takes place during Hammurabi’s time, 18th century BC). In addition to the amazing content, the writing is accessible, the maps are clear, and the art is evocative. It’s an informative, useful, and aesthetically striking work.

Despite being what I would call a “niche” product (a historical, albeit “mythical,” setting) Mythic Babylon managed to be the 20th best-selling “other” fantasy role-playing product at DriveThruRPG last year!


Kudos to the authors, Paul Mitchener and Chris Gilmore! (Disclosure: the latter is the GM for the Mythic Babylon campaign I’m currently struggling to survive in.) And kudos to the Design Mechanism for continually turning out top-notch products.


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  1. Given the sheer volume of RPG material on DTRPG I'd call 20th place damned impressive.


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