06 January 2022

The true story behind the infamous chits in the Holmes Basic D&D sets

In a recent post (concerning the replacement of B1 with B2 in the original Dungeons and Dragons Basic set) I wrote: “I also was confused as to why my box had irritating chits and others had dice, but I later learned that that was because TSR couldn’t obtain enough dice to include in all their fast-selling sets.”


It turns out that that’s not quite right! The true story is a bit more complex: TSR wanted to produce their own dice but failed to get the product ready in time. The “dice shortage” was purely management-created.


For the details check out this post at the blog “Zenopus Archives.”


  1. Proud member of the "chits in Dixie cups" brigade myself. Dice are for the weak. :)

  2. Yup, my Holmes basic had chits. I was soooooo confused!!!!


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