21 July 2022

Trailer for Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Here’s the poster for the forthcoming Dungeons and Dragons movie: Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves.
As you might note, it looks like there’s an owlbear, mimic, brain devourer, displacer beast, and probably a mind flayer (or something with tentacles) in the movie.  
Some of the monsters mentioned above (owlbear, mimic, and displacer beast) appear in the trailer — plus a gelatinous cube and, of course, some dragons (black and red).
It looks rather heavily loaded with CGI. I guess that’s to be expected. The trailer is a bit too “busy” for my tastes. But the tone seems irreverent, which is good. And I quite liked the bit with the lute at the end. It could be a fun fantasy romp. I hope it is! 
If you have twenty minutes to kill, here’s a breakdown of the trailer from Chris Perkins and Todd Kenreck, focusing on the monsters and some of the locations for the movie. Unsurprisingly, it is set in the Forgotten Realms (Sword Coast region).

Addition (22 July 2022): Here's a list of the main characters and their D&D classes:
  • Chris Pine is Elgin, a Bard. Elgin notably wears a Harper pin in several scenes in the trailer, hinting that he might be part of the famed organization.
  • Michelle Rodriguez is Holga, a barbarian.
  • Rege-Jean Page is Xenk, a paladin.
  • Justice Smith is Simon, a sorcerer. 
  • Sophia Lillis is Doric, a druid. Doric notably is a tiefling and even has a tail.
  • Hugh Grant is Forge, a rogue. An early report from the movie described him as Forge Fletcher.

(From here.)


  1. Meh, not getting my hopes up, and I'm no fan of CGI fests. Still, maybe it'll surprise by not sucking. The focus on a group of (hypothetical) thieves is at least interesting, maybe we'll get a heist film. The only watchable section of the original D&D theatrical film was that tiny segment in the thieves' guild trap-gauntlet, so at least they're playing the only strength cinematic D&D has ever displayed.

    1. Fair enough. I hope it'll be decent but I'm not predicting that it will be. I like pleasant surprises, and it would be nice if this turned out to be one.


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