16 June 2009

The Flavour of Akratic Fantasy

This picture, by the great D. A. Trampier, and found in the first edition Dungeon Master's Guide, reflects the kind of campaign setting and house rules for fantasy gaming that I hope to present in this blog.


  1. This image seems to come up a lot in discussions of old school gaming. It really does capture and express what so many seem to love about the early days of this hobby. I love it. I remember endlessly staring at this piece as an adolescent. It really embodied everything I loved about D and D.

  2. Yeah, I think that image is etched in the brains of many long-time D&D players.

  3. It's etched in mine...where did it originally appear?

  4. Bobcat, I mention where it originally appeared in the post itself: the 1e AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide by E. Gary Gygax!


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