13 August 2009

Ilmahal Timeline

The Roll of Years (Aphorian Reckoning)

-8000 c. Tribes of Alfar enter the world from Faerie.

-7500 c. The Alfar Kingdom of Adalbrikt is established in Ilmahal.

-7000 c. Clans of Vadhre arrive upon the shores of Ilmahal.

These clans establish settlements in the mountains of Ilmahal.

-6000 c. The First Eldar War rages across much of the world.

-1500 c. Adalbrikt is destroyed during the Last Eldar War.

The Lios Alfar of Ilmahal enter into a period of decline.

-1000 c. Rise of the Morghain as a distinct people in Ilmahal.

The Morghain are taught agriculture, metallurgy, and magic by the Vadhre.

Clans of Morgain spread across Ilmahal; humanoid tribes retreat to wilder regions.

1 The first Imperiator of Aphoria is crowned; the Aphorian Imperium is established.

811 Aphorian legions arrive in Ilmahal.

Over subsequent decades, Aphorian legions conquer and settle ‘Arsilonia.’

1000 c. First reports that a powerful witch, ‘Amarrah,’ lives in the Weeping Woods.

1200 c. Vilkhoric raiders begin assaulting Ilmahal for many decades.

1300 c. A Vilkhoric tribe conquers an island northeast of Ilmahal, founding the realm ‘Cif.’

Over time, the Vilkhoric and Morghain populations merge into a distinctive people.

1350 c. The end of the Vilkhoric raids on Ilmahal.

1472 The Aphorian archmage Nimrul and his apprentice Ulfor arrive in Arsilonia.

1602 The Great Devastation: the Aphorian capital is destroyed.

Civil war consumes the Imperium; Arsilonia is abandoned by Imperial legions.

1604 ‘Wildstorms’ begin to appear on the seas of Ilden (caused by the Devastation?).

Sea travel becomes very dangerous, and Ilmahal becomes isolated.

1647-59 The northern Vadhre cities fall to evil sub-human hordes led by the ‘Golden Prince.’

Some evil ‘Iron’ Vadhre clans are allied with the Golden Prince.

Surviving ‘Stone’ Vadhre join their brethren in southern Ilmahal.

1669 The ‘Savage Winter’ – many northern clans of Morghain are weakened or wiped out.

1670 The island of ‘Fiachna is conquered by Forgrim pirates.

Over time, ‘Mangrim’ – a mixed Morghain-Forgrim people – emerge on the isle.

1707 The hordes of the Golden Prince begin to assault nearby Morghain clans.

Rumours begin that the Golden Prince is taking Morghain slaves.

1736 The ‘Winter of Woe’ – pirates plague the southwestern part of Ilmahal.

However, many pirates are defeated by the archmage Nimrul.

1758 A university is established by the Order of the Grey Savants.

In subsequent years, the town of Bookbridge grows up around the university.

Gradually the university becomes known as the ‘University of Everick’ (its founder).

1782-90 Flavius Briz and his companions drive the humanoid bands from the isle of Brohn.

The land is renamed the Duchy of Briz, and Flavius becomes the first Duke.

1797 Flavius’s ally & friend, the mage Ulfor, builds his tower near the village White Cove.

1800 Duke Emrich of Arsilond begins his war of conquest.

1803 Duke Briz freely joins the Kingdom of Olbian.

1812 Emrich’s conquest is complete. The Kingdom of Olbian is established.

Emrich is crowned king, and takes the name ‘Silverdrake.’

The Silverdrake crown is given to Emrich by the archmage Nimrul.

1821 King Emrich commands that the King’s Wall be built on the northern border.

1830 A number of Morghan clans are united under the leadership of Feargus the Bold.

1832 A great battle is fought on Girric’s Fields against the Golden Prince.

Feargus the Bold is slain and the Morghain clans fall into disarray once again.

The Golden Prince retreats into his fastness for many decades.

1863 King Fredigar dies without an heir. The Silverdrake crown goes unworn.

The Kingdom of Olbian falls apart over the next decade.

1888 The Golden Prince renews his assaults on the Morghain clans of the north.

1900 c. A number of minor Morghain city-states emerge in the north.

They are formed primarily in order to organize opposition to the Golden Prince.

1916 The ‘Crimson Plague’ rages across Ilmahal, slaying one third of all humans.

1943-55 The ‘Petty Wars’ rage in southern Ilmahal.

Many ‘pretenders to the throne’ strive to re-establish the lost Kingdom of Olbian.

1979 The Golden Prince conquers Domongart Forest and most of the Uarraig Highlands.

1991 The Morghain cities Uban and Osgar fall to the Golden Prince.

2008 The present.


  1. Not the most exciting post, I know, but included here for the sake of completeness. (I want all of my "player safe" Ilmahal information available online here.)

  2. So if we end up playing a campaign in 2010 CE, would you have our characters start in Ilmahal in 2008, or would you add two more years of backstory?

  3. I'd have them start in 2008, Bobcat, just to keep things slightly confusing. :D


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