29 October 2009

Favourite Quote from Knockspell #3

"The Society for Optimalised Objectivism, a conspiracy overseeing the Market of Uugen, is dedicated to upholding absolutely free market forces within their sphere of influence. They worship an ancient star vampire residing in a crystal globe; the “high priestess”, An-Raydn, enjoys good relations with the Supreme High Bursator of Fedafuce, the venerable Grenspanios (now living in a distant city state)."

~ Gabor Lux, "The City of Vultures," Knockspell #3, p. 34.


  1. I would totally make it my mission to find An-Rayndn and use her skull for my mead flagon.

  2. You are welcome. Also, if I turn my head right, I can just see my hardcover copy of The Age of Turbulence sitting on my shelf. ;)

  3. Many posts and comments in the old-school blogosphere (and now, I guess, articles in it's 'zines) use mocking Ayn Rand as some sort of American in-joke.


  4. "American in-joke"? Neither Melan nor myself are American, rainswept. Mocking Ayn Rand is something that citizens of all countries can enjoy. And I'm not sure what you mean by "in-joke". It seems pretty "out" to me!

  5. For what it's worth, I find objectivism a fascinating school of philosophy (poor prose in Rand's books notwithstanding), and I believe placing it in a fantasy setting and let it run wild is an interesting thought experiment. Hell, it may be my favourite fantasy philosophy of all time.

    My random utopia chart also includes eco-utopias, post-modernism, eugenic utopias and multiculturalism.

  6. As a "fantasy philosophy," Melan, objectivism is indeed wonderful, and I think that your random utopia chart is brilliant. It's just unfortunate that many people think that objectivism has anything to do with reality. But then some people believe in magic as well!

    I'll say one thing in favour of the 'real world impact' of Rand's books: they've encouraged many sharp undergraduates to take philosophy courses. Fortunately (and unsurprisingly) the brightest invariably abandon objectivism once they've expanded their philosophical horizons somewhat. But they may not have gotten that far had they not been prompted to try to explain how Rand 'proves' Hume or Kant wrong in the first place!


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