07 October 2009

Ilmahal Index

For the sake of convenience, here are links to my various posts on my campaign setting ‘Ilmahal.’ Like my ‘house rules’ index, I will update this index as I post more information on Ilmahal.

1. Ilmahal Overview and Map

2. Ilmahal Cosmology (of the planes and the gods)

3. The Roll of Years (Ilmahal timeline)

4. Duchy of Briz and Map (revised version)

5. Earldom of Ysfael Map


  1. Cool map! Very reminiscent of Tolkien's stuff.

    I'm going to be blogging about my world soon, but my scanner doesn't allow me the option of saving to a jpeg format, so my maps are pdfs. Do you have a way of converting pdfs to jpeg or getting maps scanned and saved as jpeg? I'm a bit of a luddite, so please speak slowly and clearly.


    Thanks. I'm running some introductory sessions for my 6.5 year old son to get him used to the game mechanics of AD&D. If you're interested in seeing what I'm up to, why not drop round? http://daddygrognard.blogspot.com/ I'll put the kettle on.

  2. Thanks for the kind words on my map, Daddy Grognard.

    As for converting pdfs to jpeg, I'm afraid that I can't help you. I've never converted a file in that direction (it's easy to convert a jpeg to pdf). Most scanners seem to have the option of saving to jpeg. Good luck!

    I'll definitely drop by your blog. Thanks for letting me know about it!


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