23 March 2013

Fight On! to End

Either issue #14 or #15 will be the final issue of the epic OSR fanzine Fight On!  The full statement from Calithena can be read here.

I’m quite sad to see Fight On! wrapping up.  It was a real force in the OSR, especially in the early years, and every issue contained lots of interesting articles and adventures.

I’m proud to have had a couple of things published in Fight On!  And I regret that I didn’t submit more articles.

Kudos to Calithena on a job well done!  (Well, almost done...)


  1. Wow, that is sad news. Fight On holds a special place for me, not the least because of the 2nd issue being dedicated to Dave Arneson. Hopefully the end of the magazine will not be the end of the fight! :)


    1. The OSR will survive without FO! But it is a loss nonetheless.


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