08 March 2013

Read an RPG Book in Public Week

I was oblivious to the 'Read an RPG Book in Public Week' until a friend posted about it elsewhere.  The current week is almost over (ends March 9), but there are two more: July 21 - 27, and September 29 - October 5.

Generally, I've had no problem reading RPG books in public (e.g., in coffee shops, on the train, etc.).  My Call of Cthulhu books warn others to leave me alone!

But I tend not to read 'paper' RPG books in public, as most of them are awkward and thick -- and, in my case, often decades old.  I wouldn't want to get any of my classic 1e AD&D modules (even more) bent and stained!  (Hence my iPad mini, which I received as a gift last Christmas, has proven to be a great boon for my RPG-reading habits.  I've loaded it up with lots of great RPG PDFs.)

But, heck, I'll bring some Cthulhu and RuneQuest tomes with me to the coffee shop this weekend. And I'll wear my black 1e AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide T-Shirt as well!


  1. But, for me it's "Read an RPG Book in Public Week" every day!

  2. Reading RPG books in public violates the gamer code. Definitely a no no.


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