22 March 2013

She Kills Monsters

I saw the play “She Kills Monsters” with my significant other last night at the Steppenwolf Garage Rep in Chicago (just a 20-minute walk from my place).  

It was a great, surprisingly intense, experience.  Although I (of course) enjoyed all the D&D references (even though the play grossly misrepresents how the game actually works), the play is about much more, and should appeal to people who know nothing about the game.   Many of the scenes were quite physical -- mock sword fights, dramatic leaps, etc. -- which were especially thrilling given the small size of the theater.  The play also was emotionally intense: at least once during its course I had to dry a few tears.  Finally, all the 1995 pop-culture references were fun, though they made me feel rather old (is ‘Quantum Leap’ no longer on?). 

The play already has had a NYC run (at the Flea) and will be appearing in Boston soon.  Check it out!  (A review.)

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