07 July 2015

Lovecraft on the 6 Star Wars films

Because, um, well … why not?

This is perhaps the best description of one of the worst scenes from the worst of the films ('The Phantom Menace'):
A Terrible Speed 
In a strange place where insects speak with the voice of men and creatures with the hideous corpulence of slugs rule a race is held. This is no running of the horses. Human children compete against things which I hesitate to even describe. Listen to me, Carter, when I tell you that children were lashed to chariots of screaming steam engines and flung through the air at great speed. A beast which I mistook for an otter at first, but which was far more devious and cruel, sought to kill a human child. For what purpose, Carter? The sheer horror of this realm is too much to bear. I assume the child was killed, for I could not bear to watch any longer.
(Warning: Lovecraft's racism is not ignored in the post to which I linked above.)

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