21 July 2015

Who is the Greatest Wizard of Literature?

[Gandalf by Frazetta]

Who is the greatest wizard of literature?

A brief exploration of this important question can be found here.

Sadly, there is no discussion of Elric.  He probably could kick the mystical arses of Merlin, Gandalf, and the other guy ('Dubbledee' or something) combined.

[Summoned demons + soul-sucking sword = victory]


  1. You're forgetting Ningauble and Sheelba, who *terrified* demons. Or just about any wizard in Earthsea, who could speak things into existence.

  2. More accurately, Elric would probably murder Merlin (and everyone else) unintentionally, after an unfortunate series of events that would leave him morose and self-loathing for months.


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