12 January 2016

5th edition Dungeons and Dragons SRD now available

Here it is (link opens PDF).  It's released under the OGL (Version 1.0a).

I haven't had time to look through this yet, but it strikes me as a very positive development...


  1. It's shocking, really...they did an OGL/SRD setup with the new dmsguild.com site that in total actually does more positively for D&D 3PP than the OGL 1.0a.

    1. The DM's Guild looks like a great resource.
      I'm generally pretty pleased with how WotC is handling 5e. Such a contrast to the disaster that was 4e!

  2. Its Awesome and full of Win :)

    I'm looking forward to doing stuff with it, once Crypts and Things is out of the way ;)

  3. too bad there's no bookmarks to help navigate the 400 page document


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