29 January 2016

Free Joe Abercrombie short story

A short story by Joe Abercrombie, "Two's Company," is available at Tor.com.

Abercrombie is the author of the "First Law" trilogy (The Blade Itself, Before They Are Hanged, and Last Argument of Kings), as well as three subsequent 'free standing' novels set in the same world (Best Served Cold, The Heroes, and Red Country).  I read all six of these novels last year, and highly recommend them to all fans of swords and sorcery fiction.

Abercrombie's world would make a brilliant setting for a RuneQuest 6 campaign. The grim and gritty combat described in the novels match up nicely with RQ6's system of 'special effects' and hit locations. Perhaps I'll design a couple of adventures to try out this summer...


  1. I have already shared this with my gaming group. An excellent introduction to Abercrombies's writing style I thought.


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