30 January 2016

Original Dungeons and Dragons PDFs available again

Scans of the original Dungeons and Dragons rules from 1974 ('0' edition) used to be available for sale, but Wizards of the Coast pulled them during the dark, terrible times of 4th edition.  

Now, thank Crom, they are available again!  However, they are scans of the 2013 reprint.  So the covers of the booklets are 'new'.  Nonetheless, the interior text and art are from the original booklets, and thankfully much clearer than the earlier scans.  

One of the great things about the 5th edition era (in addition to the superiority of the 5e rules over those of 3e and 4e) is that Wizards has decided to make a lot of the material (perhaps eventually all of the material?) produced for the earlier editions of the game available again in PDF.


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