11 June 2016

Mythras Imperative is now available

Well that was fast! Design Mechanism has made Mythras Imperative -- the core elements of the RQ6 version of the d100 system -- available for free as a PDF and available for a very reasonable price in print from Lulu.

I'm amazed that Loz and Pete could distill the essentials of Mythras to 34 pages. Nice work!


  1. Dat cover, tho.

    ...seriously. I might buy a print version to have that cover in my life.

    ...which would be the second time a d100 book's cover was enough to get me to order it. (The first being OpenQuest 1st ed)

    1. To burn? It's a pretty awful cover. Suggests nothing remotely exciting or adventurous. Looks more like gloomy Zombie-vampire fetishism.

    2. I posted only a fragment of the cover. And I'm pretty sure there are no zombies or vampires in it.

    3. For important contrast that's absolutely one of my favorite covers of all time. And it's not gloomy, but mysterious and exotic. Incredibly evocative picture.

      Also really impressed that they not only distilled the system so effectively, but made a fully playable edition in 34 pages. I could run a historical or SF game with just this book with minimal extra effort.

    4. Print copy is only ten bucks on Lulu. (Well, plus shipping) Lulu has a sale roughly every three minutes (only a slight exaggeration, according to my inbox) I'll be sure to snag it next time they drop me a coupon.

      They need a promo poster like Beyond the Wall had.


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