05 June 2016

Mythras Imperative?

Some intriguing photographs from Loz at the Design Mechanism forum:

That's a great looking cover, one that nicely captures the 'ethos' of the game!  

The subtitle is: "An Introductory Rule Set for Mythras and d100 Roleplaying." So I guess this will replace the "RuneQuest Essentials" PDF that will be discontinued in the very near future? (I'll be sure to ask Loz next time I see him, but he sometimes can be tight-lipped on what DM is up to...) 

Above is a picture of the interior of the book. The layout is clear and clean. And no ligatures!  ;)

I'm really looking forward to getting this.


  1. I incredibly excited to see where Mythras goes, and these only make the wait harder.

    1. Mythras Imperative is now available! :D

  2. What is the ethos of the game? That art says nothing to me.


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