11 February 2011

Young Kingdoms Campaign Index

This is the index for the Young Kingdoms campaign in which I presently am a player (along with my mates Marcus and Peeter).

The system is Mongoose's RuneQuest II. The Game Master is RQII author Lawrence Whitaker (!).

This post will be updated with relevant links to other posts concerning this campaign as it progresses.

Campaign Background

The Characters

Bodric Yrvim (Marcus)

Campaign Log

Miscellaneous Notes

Thoughts on Character Creation


  1. How I wish I was playing in a Stormbringer game!

  2. The setting is brilliant for role-playing. As for the system, I think that MRQII may prove to be even better than SB!

  3. Would you consider putting in some details about the rolls (and rules) of RQ2? It's a great campaign journal and I'd like to get a sense of how much of it is RQ2 and how much is roleplaying. Especially the combat!

  4. Unfortunately, cr0m, I don't keep detailed enough notes during our sessions to post the precise rolls, combat maneuvers, etc., here. Nonetheless, I should emphasize that much of the action during combat is determined by the rules, specifically, rolls along with the combat maneuvers selected by the GM (for the NPCs) and players (for their respective PCs). There is the occasional embellishment in the journal entries (e.g., describing a critical 'impale' to a NPC's head as a 'dirk in the eye socket'), but most of what happens, at least in combat (and magic casting), is determined by MRQII's rules.

    Needless to say, I can't recommend the MRQII combat rules strongly enough! They are the best combat rules ever written for a FRPG, IMO, at least if one does not mind a bit of 'crunch'. (Combats do take somewhat longer in MRQII than in, say, Basic D&D.)

    Time permitting, I may write up a more detailed combat example in the future (perhaps reconstructing one of the combats from the our campaign).


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