24 February 2011

Gorgeous Map for ‘Here Be Dragons’

I love maps. I enjoy drawing my own maps for my homebrew campaigns (like this one, this one, and this one, for my setting ‘Ilmahal’).

I’m always happy to use maps created by others, especially if they are attractive and inspiring. The ‘gold standard’ for fantasy map art, in my opinion, is Peter Fenlon’s amazing work for ICE’s old Middle-earth line. Another fine map is this classic one of the Young Kingdoms by William Church.

Simon Bray’s map for ‘The Lands of Pherae’ is another wonderful piece of work:

(Taken from here.)

This is the map for the ‘sandbox’ adventure setting called ‘Here Be Dragons’ by Bray and co-author Paul Mitchener, forthcoming from D101 Games for the OpenQuest RPG.

Just looking at this map makes me want to use it to run a few adventures!

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