04 February 2011

Rooster Cogburn is Odin?

Here is rather interesting piece on 'True Grit' and mythology in Slate.


  1. Interesting read. Haven't seen the new True Grit yet, but the earlier version with John Wayne is great.

    I ended up doing a bit of rereading about the Celtic versions, Balor of the Eye and Nuada of the Silver Hand. Interestingly, in the Irish version, Balor kills Nuada, but then is killed by his grandson Lugh, who some see as equivalent to Odin.

  2. He certainly looks suspiciously like Odin the Wanderer in that picture.

  3. That linked article is completely innacurate. Tyr as god of justice? Tyr is battle. Fenrir is not just some young wolf, either, he's sired by the trickster Loki.

  4. Thanks for the corrections, Recursion King.


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