21 February 2011

The Journal of Edvund Yrvim - Entry 1

The Palace of Yr has fallen. It has stood defiant on the shores of the Pale Sea since the reign of the demonic Empress Terhali, but now it is no more. The ruins belong to the humans of Ilmar. And so, another minor chapter in the unfolding saga of the collapse of the Pale Empire has been written.

I cannot shed a tear for the fall of the last vestige of the Yr dominion on the Northern Continent, even though the Yrvim blood flows through my veins. I am, at last, free from the iron fist of my father, whom I loathe with the heat of five suns. Since the death of my gentle mother a dozen years ago, I have remained at the Palace of Yr only because of the precious Tome of Jade and Blood. But now that the power of House Yrvim has been broken, I may take the tome and flee without fear of being hunted by my father’s lackeys. The tome is mine, and mine alone!

My half-brother Bōdric and I have fled to the nearby port city of Ilmar. We must flee these uncivilised lands as soon as possible. Although we are both part human, bastard sons of the vile Serec, our Melnibonéan features may eventually be noticed. Many here have no love – and quite justly so, in my view – for my father’s people.

In order to avoid detection amongst these humans, and retain possession of my cherished grimoire, I have adopted the rather prosaic name ‘Ilkyn Blackviper.’ Sometimes I impress myself with my own cunning!

While at the harbour of Ilmar, my brother and I encountered a rather strange human also looking for passage away from these bloody lands. He claimed that his name was ‘Adralat Na-Keth,’ and he seemed to be from lands far away. At the same time, though, he struck us as a skilled traveller and negotiator, someone who may be of some help to us. Consequently, we agreed to travel together, at least for the time being.

While negotiating for passage on a ship to take us to the port of Dhakos, where some of our Melnibonéan kin retain a vestige of their former power, a few vulgar sailors tried to take advantage of our wealth and apparent naïveté. My half-brother Bōdric convinced them of the imprudence of their tactics by flourishing his twin blades, in the manner of the Melnibonéan ‘Noble House’ fighting style. The salty curs apprehended the folly of their ploy, and promptly directed us to the ship’s captain to negotiate our passage.

[Captain Ramier]

Within a nearby ramshackle tavern we discovered Captain Ramier, who proved to be an agreeable, if slightly crass, Jharkorian. Fortuitously, Ramier informed us that he was planning on journeying to Dharkor the next day, and would be happy to take on some passengers, for an appropriate price. We dispersed some of the shiny silver coins that these humans cherish so much, and sealed the deal with a vigorous shaking of hands. Such charming, earthy customs these humans have!

Reflecting on the harrowing events of the past few days, I decided that the value of being able to move with great rapidity could not be underestimated. Consequently, I attempted to inscribe a rune of speed onto my ornate leather boots. Alas I failed.

And now, it is time for some rest. I have no doubt that I shall find tomorrow’s sea voyage quite invigorating and exhilarating!

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