17 February 2011

C&C Castle Keepers Guide No Longer Vapourware

First promised in 2005 (or was it 2006?), the Castle Keepers Guide [sic] for Troll Lord Games' Castles & Crusades RPG is now finally available. 'Only' 31.99 USD in PDF. (31.99 for a PDF? Seriously?!?)

Davis Chenault, Stephen Chenault, and Casey Christofferson all seem like very decent fellows, based on my past internet interactions with them. And I had some very good times with C&C several years ago. I wish them well with C&C and the CKG.

But for me, at least, this book is 5 years too late.


  1. It's like they said "what would be a decent price for a PDF? Ok, now add $30 to that."

  2. But it's marked down from $39.99. That's like 20% off, so it's a bargain right?

  3. Part of me wants to finish my C&C collection and $40 for a hardback isn't bad but...

    Given TLG first printing issues (right up there with Mongoose) and, as you said, being too late (closer to 3-4 for me but the point remains) I doubt it'll top my list.

  4. I have the CKG hardcover on pre-order. I got an email this morning apologizing for problems with the binding process, which has delayed anticipated release of the hardcover. The email went on to mention the PDF and a special offer to make up for folks who have pre-ordered the hardcover.

    So naturally I'm thinking they're going to offer the PDF for free or something. No such luck--instead, we can email for a special 15% off code on the PDF. So now I can get the PDF for a mere $27.00! ::rolleyes::

    When you look at Paizo or AEG and how they price their products, or how I received a free PDF of Bookhounds of London when I ordered the hardcover, you really have to wonder what TLG is thinking. All I can say is that we seem to be experiencing an interesting phase where the gaming PDF market is clearly going through some contortions of supply and demand.

  5. retards.

    vastly overpriced for the market.

    They priced the pdf WAY out of the range of literally ANYONE's "impulse buy"

    And on a par with the PATHFINDER RPG full color hardback.

    I know which one I am more likely to buy.


  6. Normally ~10 USD is my limit for PDFs, perhaps ~15 for a 200+ page rulebook or something like that. So no CKG PDF for me.

    I may pick up a hardcopy, for curiosity's sake if nothing else, if I see a reasonably priced one somewhere (say, around 32 USD!).


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