16 June 2018

A note on my Spider Cult of Mirkwood Campaign posts

As you may have noticed, I’ve posted a lot about this campaign over the past day or so. The reason: my Adventures in Middle-earth campaign is starting up again (after a 5-month hiatus). I’ve been going through my notes and trying to organize them. It’s surprising how many things I’ve forgotten about since we started up over a year ago! 

In an attempt to get (somewhat) organized, I’ll create a single ‘index’ and ‘log’ for the campaign. This index will join a few others that I’ve posted here for my games over the years (the links to which can be found in the upper-right corner of the blog). It should be posted in a few days. The log will include summaries for each adventure. These will be a few sentences long each. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time or energy to keep writing up ‘complete’ recaps for each adventure. The one’s I’ve already posted will stay up, of course, but I probably will not be doing any more, except perhaps for the final adventure in this campaign storyline (given its importance).

[Part of Chris White's cover image for ICE's Southern Mirkwood book.]
(Notice the Woodmen hiding in the tree huts in the background!)

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