19 June 2022

Foreboding (and Hope?) regarding The Rings of Power series

I haven’t been following the various announcements concerning the forthcoming Rings of Power series lately, given my disappointment with the “time compression” that will be used for the series (that is, compressing about two millennia of events into perhaps a century or even a mere decade).


But I did watch the "Hopes and Fears" video from the “Nerd of the Rings.” I think that I largely agree with the mix of hopes and fears expressed by “the Nerd” (although I’m probably a bit more pessimistic overall). If you’re also a Tolkien fan, and both interested in and concerned about the forthcoming series, I recommend checking out this video.


(By the way, I’ve watched a few other “Nerd of the Rings” videos on various topics concerning Middle-earth. They’re generally of high quality and impeccably researched. I recommend them.)

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