24 October 2022

Secrets of the Golden Throne for Against the Darkmaster

Last month I mentioned that a new campaign setting was in the works for the Against the Darkmaster FRPG (“VsD”): Secrets of the Golden Throne.


Well, the project has been successfully funded on Kickstarter, so the campaign book will indeed be produced. (There’s 13 days to go on the KS campaign in case you’d like to back it.)


As I’ve said a few times before here, as an old MERP fan, VsD is my favourite FRPG to come out in recent years (since Mythras). VsD takes the basic elements of MERP and uses them to build a game that is even better overall. 

[The mysterious island of "Awallon"]

While the small campaign setting included in the core book is impressive, it’s great that a larger setting will be available soon – and one that promises to have an enchanting “Arthurian”/ “Faerie”/ “Lyonesse” flavour as well! (In addition to the campaign setting and adventures, new rules material also will be included: kins, cultures, spells, and monsters.)


If you’re curious about the game and/or setting, some free downloads are available here.



  1. Thanks, will take a look!


  2. I ran MERP quite a lot back in the day, but I was rather ambivalent toward a MERP clone/improvement until I saw this fantasy Britain setting – now I'm in.

  3. It's a little above my general KS price point but it looks pretty great! Has anyone tried to run any VsD stuff with pre-3e D&D type rules? I know with MERP I just have to pretty much wing/redo everything.


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