08 November 2009

By Crom!

I just finished reading volume one of The Savage Sword of Conan. These volumes, published by Dark Horse Comics, reproduce the Savage Sword of Conan comics from the 1970s (originally published by Marvel).

Volume 1 was excellent, and I've already finished the first story of volume 2. My only complaint with volume 1 is that it presents only the second half of the classic Howard tale, "The Hour of the Dragon." I don't know why the entire story wasn't published in Savage Sword, although I suspect that the story was perceived as simply too long to be presented in this format.

Anyhow, that minor complaint aside, I highly recommend these books to anyone who is a fan of Conan (or 'swords & sorcery' tales more generally). I look forward to many months of further reading!


  1. Thanks for the heads up, I'll have to check it out

  2. Yeah I have 1-2 and picked up vol 6 for the Alex Toth pinups but I plan on getting 3-5 as well. Also the Solomon Kane reprint is out as well!

  3. They are a good value for the money. Sure, they are on cheap paper, but weren't the original Savage Sword comics?

  4. I picked up Savage Sword Volumes One through Four, several months ago. I considered picking up volumes Five and Six, but heard rumors that the quality dropped off in later issues.

    I really enjoyed reading those.

  5. Savage Sword was my gateway into sword & sorcery literature. I was 11 or 12 (1980 or 81 -- damn I am getting old!), and I found SSoC #2 (Black Colossus) in a box of some of my dad's old stuff. I was immediately hooked! Needless to say it had a huge influence on me.

  6. I've kept up with the releases, even though I'm only part way into volume 5. I forgive the reproduction quality/stock, given the great price.

  7. I just got that and two similar tomes "The House of Mystery" and "Strange Adventures" from DC Comics Showcase Presents.

    More pulpy goodness than I deserve!

  8. Yeah I've got this one two, it's awesome. I actually take it with me on weekend trips as I never grow tired of it. And it includes Red Nails so you can't go wrong!


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