17 November 2009

S&W House Rules PDF

I can't believe that I forgot to mention at some point during the past couple of months of this blog that internet-friend Benoist of the Citadel of Eight kindly put together a PDF version of my various S&W house rules a few months ago!

It can be found here (note that clicking on this opens the PDF directly).

Thanks Benoist! This should give people interested a nice 'paper' copy of my house rules something to print up and read when they're on the bus, in the pub (or wherever).


  1. WOW! This is awesome, especially the fighting styles!!! Good work!

  2. That's a handy resource! I intend to add two colours of magic to my game (gold and purple) in addition to white, grey and black magic, similar to the Avalon Hill Magic Realm colours of magic.

  3. I printed your house-rules off as a booklet. Again, great resource!

  4. Thanks for the kind words, squidman and Paladin! It's gratifying to know that others are getting some use out of my house rules. They worked quite well in my summer S&W campaign.

  5. Thanks to you for the house-rules and to Benoist for making the PDF. I had previously copy-and-pasted your tweaks into a text file. This looks (and reads) much better.

  6. I'm developing a new setting for my games, these house rules were extremely helpful in sorting out some basic assumptions and turning me to S&W! Thanks again!

    I'd appriciate, you dropped by!


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