23 November 2009

Some Otus

Another extremely lazy post, I know, but you can never get enough Erol Otus!


  1. I always love how grumpy his Cthulhu looks.

  2. I certainly can get enough Erol Otus. Not a fan. Sacrilegious, I know, in the OS community, but there it is. I feel like I'm watching a bad Saturday morning 80's cartoon when I look at his art. I strongly prefer more realistic humanoids for one, not the cartoony sort Otus draws.

    My favorite fantasy artists are Brom's Dark Sun campaign setting and anything by Frazetta.

  3. > I feel like I'm watching a bad Saturday morning 80's

    I think that's why a lot of people like Otus!

    Not knocking you, just thought it was comical the reason you dislike it is also the reason some people like it. btw, I totally dig Frazetta(nice and over the top). But, Brom is meh(too real) at least from what I've seen of both.

  4. I would personally love to see a Saturday morning cartoon based on the designs and style of Otus, myself....

  5. I love how 'bad ass' the halfling thief looks in the Rogues Gallery picture. He's no Frodo -- he'd gladly slit your throat for a few coppers!


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