29 January 2011

2011: My Year of BRP

Much to my delight, it looks like my role-playing activities this winter, spring, and summer will be focused on various Basic Role-Playing-derived (‘d100’) games.

1. I’ve been involved in an OpenQuest play-by-post game since September. Unfortunately, like any play-by-post game, it has been moving at a snail’s pace. But at least there are no logistical problems in keeping a play-by-post game going (i.e., finding a time and place for everyone to meet up).

2. My Call of Cthulhu campaign (‘Cthulhu Canada’) has been going quite well. We just finished the second adventure (“Mr. Corbitt” from Mansions of Madness) last night. Everyone is having a blast, and is keen to see what happens next. The plan is to have at least two sessions every month (until I return to Milwaukee at the end of August).

3. I’ll be a player in a RuneQuest II campaign (the current version of the game from Mongoose), starting in February. Excitingly, the GM is none other than Lawrence Whitaker, co-author of RQII, as well as author of the Elric of Melnibone setting book for RQII (and many other RQII books as well). The campaign will be set in the Young Kingdoms.

2011 should be a lot of fun!

(Hmmm … Elric looks a little too ‘buff’ in that picture, I think.)


  1. Yes, Elric looks like he's been eating a lot of red meat!

  2. Very cool! It also looks like a D100 year for me as well.

  3. Excitingly, the GM is none other than Lawrence Whitaker

    Now I am jealous.

  4. I bought OpenQuest back in December, but I haven't had time to crack it open. I would like to give it a try, though... I also really want to try Chaosium's new BRP setting that looks very Vance-like, but I'd have to drop the cash for the BRP corebook first...

  5. Matt and sirlarkins, your jealousy is appreciated. :)

  6. @Ryan: I'm intrigued by Chaosium's "Chronicles of Future Earth" as well. It looks like an interesting mix of Vance, Wolfe, and Moorcock (of "The Silver Warriors"). I suspect that you may be able to use it with the BRP 'Quickstart' rules (which are free in PDF).

  7. With Loz as GM you say. I was actually going to play a game with him way back. It might have been some kind of play test for the Unknown East supplement he wrote for Stormbringer.

    Sadly, I was the only one who sent him a character, so it fizzled out. Damn shame...


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