20 January 2011

Cthulhu Canada Campaign Index

This is the index for my current Call of Cthulhu campaign, set in 1920s Canada (initially, 1923 Toronto).

This post will be updated with relevant links to other posts concerning this campaign as it progresses.

Regarding the Characters:

Adventure Reports:

Miscellaneous Posts:

Photograph of 1923 Toronto (intersection of Queen Street and Bay Street; City Hall to the right of picture).

Cthulhu awakens:


  1. Great stuff here!
    When I first started playing CoC in the late 80s, I set my initial adventures in Kingston, Ontario ( I was posted to the base there at the time). I went down to city hall and got a drafting copy of a city map from the 1920s. Queen's University, of course played a key role. I think I set The Haunting in the Barryfield, a small community just across the Cataraqui River. Still have that map to this day!


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