10 August 2013

Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition Quick-Start Rules

Chaosium has sent out the new Quick-Start rules to backers of their 7th Edition Call of Cthulhu Kickstarter Project.

I've printed them up and hope to read them over at some point in the relatively new future.  Unfortunately, I'll be quite busy for the next several days (moving apartments, among other things).  But as soon as I can read and reflect upon the 7e Call of Cthulhu Quick-Start rules, I'll write up my reactions here.


  1. Look forward to reading your comments. Hope you like the new QS rules.
    I've made a post about the QS rules over on blasphemoustomes.com if you want to drop by and leave a note.
    Regards, Paul Fricker

    1. Sure thing, Paul! Thanks for dropping by. :)

  2. Hi,
    I must admit I had some reservations about the new edition of Call of Cthulhu but I backed the Kickstarter as the ruleset did need an update and from what I heard a lot of the rules that were a cause of concern for me were just optional.
    But whilst the PDF preview shows a great improvement in layout and art that will hopefully be reflected in the full edition I cant see me using the new ruleset. There is nothing wrong with the rules they work great in other systems but that's just it they are from other systems and whilst the old rulebooks were confusingly laid out they core mechanics were solid. In fact that was one of the great selling points of the game sure a few rules caught people out with Dodge being the classic but they could have been fixed with a few more examples of the rule in action.
    But this new edition has for some reason shoehorned in extra rules and far from being optional are presented as basic and core rulings.
    Its obvious that a lot of care and effort has gone into this and I hope it does well but I wish it had been brought out as a new ruleset with which to experience the worlds of Lovecraft but not as the new edition of the Chaosiums Call of Cthulhu ruleset.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Mark. I think that I agree with much of what you have to say, but I'll need to look at the rules more carefully, as I've only managed a skim thus far.

      I find the change in ability scores somewhat off-putting. I guess that I'm just more used to 3-18, even if there the new version is mechanically more efficient.

    2. Thanks for the reply.
      I am looking forward to seeing the new rulebook in all its glory but I was somewhat surprised and disappointed to see core mechanics changed so much. I had heard that most of the changes were cosmetic and mainly streamlining in nature and if they didn't gel with players they could be easily replaced with the older rules but I fear this may not be the case.
      I think my main problem is the new feeling? whilst I have never been a believer in the whole play Call of Cthulhu and go mad and die cliche I did like how Cthulhu Investigators were average Joe heroes and not Conanesque in nature. And the feeling I get (I may be completely wrong) is that the pendulum has swung to far towards making the Investigators too Hollywood Heroic for all the "if you fail your push roll it gets worse" statements.


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