29 August 2013

Russ Nicholson on Monster Island

Monster Island – the book that is a combination of a sandbox setting and a bestiary for RuneQuest 6 – recently arrived in my mailbox.  Although I’ve only managed to skim through it thus far, it looks great (if you’re curious about it, there is a helpful review at RPGnet). 

One thing that I noticed immediately is that Monster Island features some illustrations by the magnificent Russ Nicholson.  I’ve mentioned my high opinion of Nicholson’s work previously, and so was delighted to see some new pieces by him in this excellent product.

Here are a couple of Nicholson’s pictures from Monster Island (taken from his blog post):

I think that the pieces nicely convey the terrifying weirdness of the setting!


  1. Fantastic moment at Gencon. Sandy Petersen demoing 'Cthulhu Wars' and one of the miniatures for the game - is an almost exact replica of of the Lakooma 'Grasping Hand' monster that Russ illustrated in the book.

    The Stars Were Right...


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