31 August 2013

Interview regarding Dungeons and Dragons Next

I haven't been following the development of Dungeons & Dragons 5e (or 'Next') at all.  I am somewhat interested in what is finally produced -- who knows, maybe I'll like it!  But spending the time and effort to follow the playtest and related news just hasn't been something that I've been interested in doing.

However, this interview with Bruce Cordell and Robert J. Schwalb is both brief and somewhat informative, and thus may be worth reading if you have a casual interest in 5e.  Especially noteworthy is the concession that 4e essentially "blew up" D&D!


  1. How stupid do you have to be to give money to Wizards of the Coast? How long has D&D 4th Edition been out before "Next" came on the scene? Why, I use the core books from the original AD&D I bought off e-bay for pennies on the dollar. Those great hard covers, they last forever!

  2. That actually sounds pretty interesting. I will most likely give it a shot upon release.

  3. I'm also trying to remain positive about D&D next. I've been hearing some good things so far. I like that the folks from Gamerstable (who played in the GENCON game) said that it was like 1st edition smashed up with 3.5 edition and much of the "bloat" is optional such that it runs on a fairly light rules core. I haven't actually seen the rules, but I'll probably check them out when they finally get published.

  4. My feelings toward WotC have softened considerably over the past year, with the release of the 1e AD&D reprints and modules, and the resurrection of the OOP PDFs. It seems that they have decided not to treat us old school types with contempt anymore.

    I hope that WotC releases an 'intro' (Basic) version of 5e, so I can try it out without investing in 3 hardcovers.

  5. Hey, thanks for directing me to this interview. I re-blogged about it on my own brand-new blog.

    I really like your S&W house rules. Maybe I'll use some of them when I settle on my go-to OSR game.

  6. Hey, thanks for directing me to this interview. I re-blogged about it on my own brand-new OSR-themed blog.

    I also love your house rules for S&W. If I settle on S&W or a similar system as my go-to OSR game, I might use some of them.

    1. Thanks for the kind words on my house rules! :)


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