15 October 2020

Netflix Developing Conan Series


Perhaps inspired by the success of its series The Witcher, Netflix is developing a new fantasy series featuring everyone’s favourite barbarian, Conan of Cimmeria. The details, alas, are scant at this stage

Hopefully this new series, should it actually come to fruition, will draw primarily on the original stories by Robert E. Howard. It’s frustrating that no “Conan” film or series has actually used the original source material. (For the record, I am quite fond of the 1982 film. But the main character is not REH’s Conan!)

Back in 2018 I reported that Amazon was developing a Conan series. Interesting that it’s now in Netflix’s hands. I guess Amazon is focusing on its Middle-earth series instead.


  1. I'd be curious to read a review by you of the 82 Conan someday where you lay out what you mean by the "main character is not REH’s Conan!"

  2. I have pretty low expectations for a conan series. Wasn't there one back in the days of Xena, or was just a Conan crossover episode?


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