26 July 2009

Vote for the Old School Rennaisance

The 'Ennie Awards' nominees have been announced.  Normally I have very little interest in the Ennies, since they typically focus on games that I do not play and have zero interest in.  Much to my surprise, however, this year Swords & Wizardry has been nominated as the best "free product."  Moreover, 'old school' companies Mythmere Games and Goblinoid Games have been nominated in the 'Best Publisher' category!  

If you want to show your support for the 'Old School Renaissance,' gentle readers, I modestly propose that you vote for S&W, Mythmere Games, and Goblinoid Games here.  (Other companies worth voting for, in my opinion, include Expeditious Retreat Press, Iron Crown Enterprises, and Goodman Games.)   

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