11 April 2011

Hildebrandt Brothers' 'Eowyn' and 'Prancing Pony'

Continuing my (entirely unplanned) series on different artists' portrayals of Tolkien's most liberated female character, Eowyn, above is a picture of her from the great Hildebrandt Brothers. It depicts her recovering from the Witch-King's 'black breath,' being assisted by Aragorn's healing skills. Also in attendance is Gandalf and Faramir.
And here is one of my favourite Hildebrandt Brothers' Middle-earth pictures: Aragorn and the four hobbits at the Prancing Pony inn in Bree.


  1. I love this series of Eowyn portrayals -- thanks for sharing these!

  2. Like the prancing pony illustration!

  3. Hildebrandt Brothers should get more OSR love. I remember them from back in the day but you don't see their stuff so much now, more's the pity. Perhaps it's not 'gritty' enough.

    Love Aragorn's Boots of Holding. Hell, you could fit the Fellowship into them!


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