30 April 2011

Recent BRP and RQII Threads

There are a surprising number of recent threads at the RPGSite discussing Chaosium’s Basic Role-playing (BRP) and Mongoose’s RuneQuest II (MRQII) systems (both of which, of course, trace their roots back to the original RuneQuest RPG).

In case any of you would like to check out the (generally quite positive) chatter, here are some links:

1. I just bought MRQII

2. MRQ2 ‘Must-Haves’

3. The BRP Renaissance (which references my earlier post on this topic).

Hopefully such discussions will help spread the word about these two excellent RPGs.


  1. Original Rune Quest 3rd ed. Can't beat it. Go on you 1st and 2nd edders, call me a heretic and tell me why I'm wrong. I dare you.

  2. Actually, Dangerous Brian, the threads in question concern Mongoose's RuneQuest II, which would be the 5th published edition of RQ (Chaosium 1e and 2e; Avalon Hill 3e; and Mongoose 1e and 2e).

    Since I never played RQ3, I can't comment on its merits or demerits relative to MRQII. I will say that the combat system in MRQII -- especially its use of 'combat manoeuvres' -- is excellent, and I quite like the character background system as well.

    Overall, I would say that MRQII is the best new FRPG of the past two decades. (IMO, of course.)

  3. Nice to see BRP making a resurgence. It was my 1st favorite game and while it doesn't serve any need for me now, its as solid as ever.


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