02 May 2011

Potential RuneQuest II Fanzine

The Swordsman writes over at his blog 'Rune Under Water':
"...My model for the fanzine would be the excellent OSR fanzine Fight On!, but I'd suggest a rather more organized set of regular content. This is an example of ideas for the regular content:

Runerites: (in honor of the great White Dwarf column) New rules ideas or general concepts
The Coliseum: new monsters
Foes: Fully developed NPCs with tactics and motivations
Plunder: Magic items, unique or generic
Elder Secrets: New spells and magical abilities
Cults: Fully developed cults
Blood and Souls: Specific items for the Elric setting
God Willing: Specific items for the Deus Vult setting
Major Arcana: Specific items for the Wraith Recon setting
Njallsaga: Specific items for the Vikings setting..."
More information can be found at the blog post linked above, as well as in this thread over at the Mongoose RuneQuest II forum.

It would be great if such a fanzine could get going -- especially if proved to be a Fight On! for the RuneQuest (and BRP) folks. I look forward to seeing how this turns out, and, possibly, contributing a few articles as well!


  1. Thanks for the heads up, on my way to check it out.

  2. And for a possible name for the fanzine, I recommend "Runes of Wonder".

  3. I suggested InQuest.


  4. Nerd. :P

    I do like the title 'InQuest', though, even if it does remind me of the CBC television show 'Da Vinci's Inquest'.

  5. Thanks, Akrasia! The offer of articles is a generous one that I shall take you up on. As I've said over at the boards, I'll put up a poll to judge interest in the titles, although the thought of being Grand Inquisitor does make InQuest an early favorite. I shall write editorials from the Holy Office.


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