10 May 2011

Two Middle-earth Pictures by Jon Hodgson

It looks like the talented Jon Hodgson will be responsible for some (/much/all?) of the art for Cubicle 7's forthcoming Middle-earth role-playing game, The One Ring.

Hodgson's work graces the covers of OpenQuest (one of my current favourites) and Dragon Warriors. It's great that The One Ring also will benefit from his formidable skills!

Below are two pictures taken from Cublicle 7's new blog/website.

[Good old Smaug]

[A nasty Goblin]

(I posted Cubicle 7's announcement concerning their forthcoming The One Ring RPG here a few months ago. Interested readers can check out this post, or the reposted version over at Cubicle 7's new blog/website here.)

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