23 May 2011

Some Reactions to the Mongoose-RuneQuest Divorce

Here is Newt Newport’s take. It’s wonderful, of course, that OpenQuest will continue to be available and supported by D101 Games into the future!

Here is the Swordsman’s take over at ‘Rune Under Water’. The future of the MRQII fanzine, Impale!, that the Swordsman was working on looks uncertain now, unfortunately. I was very much looking forward to reading, and possible contributing, to Impale!.

The perspective of James Maliszewski of ‘Grognardia’ can be found here.

Finally, the future of Cakebread & Walton’s excellent Clockwork & Chivalry series for MRQII (I own every module produced so far the remarkable ‘Kingdom & Commonwealth’ campaign) is unclear. However, Cakebread & Walton seem committed to the series and setting.


  1. Some fora discussions:



  2. While I'm aware that Mongoose doesn't have the best track record, let's be honest neither does Greg Stafford. I think its a good possibility all parties have made this a difficult ride.


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