23 July 2011

In the Western Lands (and some brief notes)

1. I’ve been travelling for the past week, and will continue to do so for another week. (Seattle, Vancouver, and the Okanagan valley – thankfully I’m escaping the heat wave afflicting the east!). So I probably will be unable to post anything until the end of the month.

2. I would like to apologise to my fellow bloggers for not keeping up with what they’ve been writing lately. It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and now I’m wandering around in the Western Lands. I hope to be a better citizen of the RPG blogosphere in August.

3. I’ve deleted a number of blogs from my ‘blog roll’ (located on the right hand side of this blog), namely, those that are now defunct or haven’t been updated in several months. I hope to do some more fixing up once I return.

4. I’ve added a few blogs to the roll.

5. While I’m away, please feel free to recommend (in comments to this post) any blogs or websites to which you think this blog be should be linked. I’m especially interested in blogs that cover ‘old school’ role-playing games (including – but not limited to – TSR-era D&D, anything BRP-related, such as Call of Cthulhu, Stormbringer, and RuneQuest, and anything related to MERP or ‘classic’ Rolemaster). Blogs or websites covering fantasy art or fiction also are of interest. I suspect that I’m missing out on a lot of cool stuff out there, but I just haven’t had the time or energy lately to track down the newest exciting blogs and websites. Thanks in advance for your help!

That’s it for now. I hope that you’re all enjoying the summer! (Or winter, if you’re in the Antipodes.)


  1. Okanagon Valley! A good friend has a couple of awesome cabins there that are a wonderful retreat. I am over in Lewiston, Id if you pass by, give me a shout and I will buy you a coffee or a bite to eat.

  2. I always feel weird doing this, but I guess no one else will mention my own blog: http://ongoingcampaign.blogspot.com

  3. @ ancientvaults: we're rushing back to Vancouver today, so coffee this time will not be possible, alas. Thanks for the offer, though! I come back here about once a year, so perhaps next time! :)

  4. @ faoladh: Thanks! I'll add your blog once I have a few minutes to spare. :)

  5. It's always odd to advertise myself, but here: http://lunchingonlamias.blogspot.com/

    It's been a while since I posted anything D&D related, but hopefully joining the Cartographers Guild and starting to mess around more with The City of Bells will help.

  6. Thats really wonderful! Hoping to travel one of these days to take a breather and be close to natural beauties like that photo. Woot. buy aion accounts


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