16 July 2011

RuneQuest 6th edition is coming!

I've been exercising an uncharacteristic amount of self-discipline for the past few weeks, somehow managing to keep my lips sealed about this exciting development, but now, finally, Loz (a.k.a. Lawrence Whitaker, the co-author of MRQII) has made it public:

RuneQuest VI is on its way!

The official announcement:

Its with great pleasure and excitement that I'm able to announce that The Design Mechanism, the new company formed by myself and Pete Nash, has successfully reached an agreement with Issaries Inc to become the new licensee for RuneQuest. The full Press Release can be found on the RuneQuest page at www.thedesignmechanism.com along with a detailed Q&A sheet for those who want to know more about what we have in store for RQ.

Greg Stafford, Issaries President, had this to say on the agreement: "RuneQuest is an old, highly respected brand that requires creativity, dedication and knowledge of the product. I know that Loz and Pete have that, plus enthusiasm and professionalism that will keep up the reputation and good name. I am pleased."

Clearly its early days for both Design Mechanism and RuneQuest's 6th edition but we have exciting plans for the game building on the work Pete and I have already done with Mongoose's RuneQuest II and we look forward to sharing them with the roleplaying community as we develop the new rules.


This is very exciting news! I look forward to learning more about RuneQuest 6th edition from Lawrence in future weeks, and will be posting more about it here.


  1. Wow, the Runequest cup runneth over. Which version to use?!

  2. My impression is that this version will be (largely) compatible with MRQII, but more complete. So I would judge MRQII-RQ6 to be the same overall system.

  3. The FAQ document on their site answers that very question.

    Definitely looking forward to seeing what the produce.

    - Neil.

  4. The announcement at the RPGsite: http://www.therpgsite.com/showthread.php?t=20486

    And here is a link to the 'full' statement (opens into PDF):

  5. Yep, we've got the hood open on the MRQII engine already and have a long list of things to look into, but it will be around 99% compatible.

    But better... :-)

  6. Hurrah for Loz n Pete.

    RQ is coming home :)

    D101 Games plans for RQ6 Gateway release already in motion :)

  7. The Press Release says:
    we intend to quickly follow-up with a gritty Swords and Sorcery campaign setting that reflects the quality and imagination of the Griffin Mountain classic.”

    So the new DesignMechanism RQ6, like Mongoose Legends, won't be able to use Glorantha? It's a pity the Second Age cannot be developped anymore.

  8. @Phersv

    Actually, we CAN use Glorantha - and more than Mongoose could even under its Issaries license. One of the beauties of partnering with Moon Design is that we can produce both Second Age and Third Age Glorantha RQ products and we're looking at doing just that. As Newt says, its bringing RQ 'home'.

    But, Glorantha books won't be the top priority for us. They will happen, but we want to establish the rules and customer base first. Glorantha will follow later. Tom Zunder's actually started some discussion on this over on the Design Mechanism forum, and I've outlined one of the possibilities for Glorantha there.

  9. It's great news isn't it and I am stoked. I hope that we'll see some other ideas on all of this: http://gamingtavern.eu/

  10. "D101 Games plans for RQ6 Gateway release already in motion"

    Excellent news, Newt!

  11. Bearin' mind that we have awesome plans for OQ first ;)


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