31 March 2012

BRP Central Hacked

Basic Roleplaying Central -- the best place on the internet to discuss BRP and download material for BRP games -- has been hacked, and likely will not be operational again for at least two weeks.

Greetings everyone! Yes the site has been hacked and infected with trojans, malware and whatnot. I'm currently travelling in Tanzania (nearly croaked on Kilimanjaro yesterday), and just discovered the infection today when I checked my email, where I found an email about a security patch update from vBulletin (the forum software) and several messages from BRP Central members about the situation. There's preciously little I can do about it now until I get home, except taking the site offline to avoid any further visitors to get infected, which I have asked my hosting provider to do immediately. I'll try to rectify the situation as good as I can when I get home. The site will be back up again, the question is only how much of the database needs to be discarded for it to be safely be opened again. Hopefully it will be back up again in about two weeks time. I'll send out an email to all members when it's up and running again. Sorry for the inconvenience! Trifletraxor.
What an unfortunate mess. Stupid hackers. Hopefully the site will be back and functioning in two weeks!


  1. This sort of thing just baffles me. Who would get anything out of this? Rabid Savage Worlds fans? Taking down Apple's or the FBI's site I could sort of understand. That shows some skilz. But this? Wennie.

    1. Yeah, it's a strange choice of a site to hack. Incomprehensible, really.

    2. A lot of these guys take over sites simply because they can. Since BRPC was a vector for malware, the script kiddies might also have hoped to compromise site visitors to add to some botnet or, again, simply because they could.

  2. I'd been having trouble getting there for a few days now... but I thought it was an issue with my router or something.
    Now I'm reassured... and annoyed.


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