10 March 2012

Crypts and Things Discussions on the Ethernet

Crypts and Things has been out for a few weeks now, and it has managed to garner a little bit of attention on the Ethernet.


  1. A review at DrivethruRPG
  2. A thread at Ye Olde Purple Site

It’s very gratifying to see that some other people ‘out there’ are enjoying a game to which I contributed in some small way!

Cheers, by Crom!


  1. Added another two that I spotted on a Reviews round up :)


    I have mixed feelings about that rpg.net thread. One of the posters really got the hump about the magic system and really blew it up in a really sanctimous manner. As you know I've not been in the mood to be gracious about such levels of critism.

    Thanks for fielding people's questions on that one.

  2. What I find baffling is people's approach to the magic system; it's as if no-one has ever heard of genre emulation or magic being evil.


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